This will be a growing list of questions that people have of our company and they'll get answered by Dave. If your question is not answered here, shoot me an email at [email protected] asking the question. 

  1. Q: I tried to enter my email address to sign up for an account and it said that my email was already in the system. What do I do? A: Most likely, I already put you in the system. I also sent you an email with a temporary password so you can log in and change your password (everyone gets the same temporary password in the beginning so changing it is HIGHLY recommended). If you didn't get that email, you can reset your password by clicking the "RESET MY PASSWORD" button in the "MY ACCOUNT" section of the website. 
  2. Q: I feel that I am not getting all of your emails. Is that possible and what do I do about it? A: It's completely possible. You should check your spam or junk folder to see if any of them went there. The emails we send out come out around once a week (but not always on the same day). Sometimes we send out another one but that is only when we have clerical news to share (a program has changed). Please make sure that you add [email protected] to your address book so the emails do not go to a spam or junk folder in the future. 

  1. Q: What do you recommend for my child to get started in magic? A: I first would have to ask how old your child is. I got started in magic when I was 4 years old. At that age, I believed everything was possible because, well... I was 4. When I actually started learning magic was at age 5 and that was with a lot of assistance from my parents. This is really the earliest that one should start learning magic because of the small pieces that are involved in some tricks. But to answer your question, here is what I recommend in the beginning as far as the tricks and one book that will be a reference for years to come:

Some inexpensive but quality playing cards so if they get trashed you won't be out too much money (get the more expensive decks after you have built your skills). These will probably be better when they get to be around 8 years old because of the motor skills needed for most sleights.  

Inexpensive Cups and Balls (again like the cards, get the more expensive ones after the routine is at least learned) Best for age 9 and up. 

Hot Rod (Age 9 and up) 

Sponge Balls (Age 10 and up)